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Shimmer offers a wide variety of top quality services to fit your needs. Our experienced staff will help you determine the best services in order to deliver the quality you expect from a professional salon and spa.

Our location is designed to help you relax and leave feeling rejuvenated?. Select a category on the right to explore our complete service menu.

Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change.

Hair Styling, Cutting and Color Services

Professional hair coloring and highlighting services are available using the highest quality products available only through professional salons. Call for a consultation to discuss your hair color goals and develop a plan with your colorist to reach your objectives.

Shampoo & Style

$35 & up
*Flat Iron/Curls/Long Hair

*Additional Cost


$65 & up

Bang Trim

$10.00 + up

Womens Wash, Cut & Style

Level II Stylist $50* & up
Level III- $55* & Up
Owner $65* & Up

Beard Trim $15 &up

Mens cutsLevel 1&2 $30 & up 

Level 3 $35 

Level 4 $40

Level 5  45 

Long Hair Extra 


Long Hair extra*

Inversion / Asymmetrical cut extra*

Root color and blow dry

Long Hair and /or  extra productions time  are extra 

Level 1 Stylist  Roots Only $65  & up 
       Added after color service  All over glaze $50  up 

Level 2 Stylist     Roots $70 &up  to service 

added to color ,    All over Glaze added $60 &up 

Level 3 Stylist     Roots $75 & up 

Added after color   All over Glaze    $65 & up

Level System determined by years of experience and Educational  certifications achieved  in our company  by Level 4,5,6  add $5-10 per service 



prices based on Level system 


Root Color & Cut

$90 & Up.
 ( Roots )

Roots to End Color and Blow Out

$120.00 & up
color applied from roots to ends

Root Shadow

$ 80.00 and up
color technique that requires a darker tone applied directly to the root, and is defined by a dark root with lighter ends

Baby Lights

 starts at $ 80.00 
 Face Framing Highlights strategically placed for a Sun-Kissed natural look.

Partial Foil , Roots, and Blow Dry

 Starting at $135.00 & up
$135 & Up

Full Foil , Roots, Blow Out

Starting at $155.00 & Up
$ 175 & Up

Partial Foil , Roots to End and Blowout

Starting at $185.00 & Up



Full Foil , Roots to End Color, and Blowout

Starting at  $ 195.00 + UP

 long hair extra


Shimmer Signature Foil 

$165 and up incorporates 2 or more shades of highlights
2 or more shades of hilites

Partial Foil

$95.00 amd up

Add Glaze / toner / Low Lights /$25 and up

Blowout or Haircut- Additional

Full Foil Highlights

$125.00 and up   Roots
Root to end foil  &Long Hair extra
Blow dry or Haircut  additional 
Long hair may be extra


$190.00 & Up

long hair extra 

pretoning ,toning ,glazing ,extra 

A technique for highlighting the hair in which the color is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.


$175 & up

*Toner- Additional Charge






Corrective Color

$200.00 and up
*Priced upon consultation

Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Blowout $250

Keratin Copalla $275 and up

Kertatin Smoothing  $350-$400  

Hair Botox

Hir Plastic Surgery

$400 +up



  Varies by Brand  long hair extra 

Permanant Wave


Spiral Wave


Relaxer or Straightener

$275 & up

Japanese Straightening

*Priced upon consultation


$ 25.00 + up  ask quote for speciality 

Roots to End Color

$120.00 and up extra product long hair 

Mens Haircut


$ 35 and

\$45 level               1 thru 4 stylist 

Youth Up Do 

Kids 5 to 15

Baby Lights

80 + up
Face framing hilights placed for a sun-kisssed natural look

Full Foil Highlights and B

$ 125 and up
Root to End Foil  - long hair extra
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Service Policy

Please call (401) 336-3700 or email for our appointment policies. Kindly give 30 days  notice  to cancel or you will be charged  full price as we reserve our whole  team  to perform the Spa party. A party is a group of 2 or more.Deposits are non refundable .

Bridal Party contracts are required to reserve a wedding .

There is a 20% gratuity added to all spa packages   groups  and kids parties and services .Deposits are nonrefundable.